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quinoa veggie burger June 29, 2014
okra gumbo June 22, 2014

Borough Photo Journal (Minneapolis, MN)

May 31, 2014



We ate here so long ago, that these pictures definitely aren’t up to date but they’re still a good representation of the restaurant. We’re eating here again on Tuesday so a normal blog post will follow shortly!  We loved our meal here and the atmosphere alone is worth checking out.  The restaurant is gorgeous and […]

Agra Culture (Minneapolis, MN)

May 24, 2014


agra culture shrimp

There’s a new restaurant in town and it’s a fast-casual healthful-food place next to coup d’etat in uptown Minneapolis. Ally and I went to Agra Culture for dinner tonight and loved it. Aaron and Andrea Switz, the owners of Yogurt Lab, are behind this new restaurant concept.  They offer cold pressed juice, bakery items, breakfast, lunch, […]

Asparagus and Chickpea Enchiladas

May 24, 2014


asparagus enchiladas

Are you searching for a vegetarian enchilada recipe that is reminiscent of spring, hearty, full of protein and unique? Then you’ve found the one. So many vegetarian enchiladas just revert to beans (or just cheese) and I wanted to try something different. I was immediately drawn to this unique pairing of asparagus, chickpeas and enchiladas. […]


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