Hamachi Kama with Dipping Sauce

Hamachi Kama is the Yellowtail Tuna collar or neck.  I first had this sweet, delicate fish at  Shokitini, an upscale Japanese restaurant with rent-out karaoke rooms in Athens, GA. There it was described as “grilled bone in yellow tail collar with tangy ponzu sauce” for $9.95.  Before this, I would have never ordered it off the menu but luckily I was in the company of older and wiser and they told me it was the most tender and exquisite part of the fish- not to be missed.  It turns out they were right, and the tender, flaky fish forever carved out a spot in my stomach.  Since then I’ve had various Hamachi Kamas out at restaurants but I had never tried cooking it at home- that is, until David came to visit.  We were poking around Tensuke Market and stumbled across packaged Hamachi Kama in the refrigerated case.  There it was being sold at about $6.  Without hesitation David grabbed a package and made for the cash register.  

At home, he explained that Hamachi Kama couldn’t be any easier to prepare.  Simply pop it in a pan with a little salt, broil it in the oven  and serve with a soy sauce based dipping sauce.  Voila.

Hamachi Kama
Split between two for an appetizer
• 1 Hamachi Kama collar
• pinch of kosher salt

Lightly salt the fish and place skin side up in a pan. Broil until the skin is crispy and slightly puffed out (approx 5-8 min). Flip the fish over and lower the pan to the bottom/center of the oven and continue baking for approx 5 min. Remove from oven, cool and serve with dipping sauce.


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