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Krungthep Thai Cuisine (Minneapolis, MN)

February 18, 2015


krungthep thai msp

Krungthep Thai Cuisine isn’t known for their atmosphere but their authentic vast array of menu items sure is impressive.  Plenty of seating makes this a perfect place to bring a large group and try some new, authentic Thai food.  Above is the Stir-Fried Soft-Shell Crab with Curry Powder, $22.95.  Talk about a generous portion of […]

Roast Salmon and Broccoli with Chile-Caper Vinaigrette

February 13, 2015



This beautiful dinner can’t be easier. Emma made this for me in her old uptown apartment and I fell in love. It’s full of flavor and the recipe is written for people who want to save time and minimize dirty dishes! Perfect for a week night or a date night! This recipe is basically foolproof, […]

Lucia’s (Minneapolis, MN)

February 8, 2015


lucia minneapolis

Lucia’s is such a cute little restaurant in Uptown.  They serve up local, quality, seasonal food in a no fuss atmosphere.  It’s one of the few genuine and charming neighborhood restaurants in the Lake and Hennepin Uptown area.  Many people think of Lucia’s as a go to brunch restaurant but they also serve dinner!  As […]


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