Roast Salmon and Broccoli with Chile-Caper Vinaigrette

roast-salmon-and-broccoli-with-chile-caper-vinaigretteThis beautiful dinner can’t be easier. Emma made this for me in her old uptown apartment and I fell in love. It’s full of flavor and the recipe is written for people who want to save time and minimize dirty dishes! Perfect for a week night or a date night! This recipe is basically foolproof, just set your timer!

Roast Salmon and Broccoli with Chile-Caper Vinaigrette
Recipe and picture from Bon Appetit
Serves 2

• 1 bunch broccoli (about 1 1/2 lb.), cut into florets
• 3 tablespoons olive oil, divided
• Kosher salt, freshly ground pepper
• 2 6-oz. skinless salmon fillets
• 1 red Fresno chile or jalapeño, thinly sliced into rings, seeds removed if desired
• 2 tablespoons unseasoned rice vinegar
• 1 tablespoon drained capers

Preheat oven to 400°.  Toss broccoli and 2 tablespoons oil on a large rimmed baking sheet; season with salt and pepper. Roast, tossing occasionally, until browned and crisp-tender, about 12-14 minutes.

Remove baking sheet from oven and rub salmon with 2 teaspoons oil; season with salt and pepper. Push broccoli to edges of baking sheet and place salmon in the center. Roast until salmon is opaque throughout, 10–15 minutes.
Meanwhile, combine chile, vinegar, and a pinch of salt in small bowl and let sit until chiles are slightly softened, about 10 minutes. Mix in capers and remaining 1 teaspoon oil; season with salt and pepper.

Serve salmon and broccoli drizzled with chile vinaigrette.


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