Victory 44 (Minneapolis, MN)

victory 44 amuseIt’s been far too long since we’ve eaten at Victory 44 and these pictures are probably completely out of date now.  Nonetheless, here they are and keep in mind that the menu has probably changed considerably!  David and I really enjoyed the tasting menu in this laid back, unpretentious restaurant.  Above is the amuse bouche- blood sausage croquette with cherries.
strawberry gazpacho
Above is the Strawberry gazpacho, cucumber, freeze-dried strawberries
victory 44 brusselAbove are the delectable brussel sprouts, dried prosciutto, quail egg
victory 44 fishA really fun take on fish and chips!  This dish was very tasty and well balanced.  Warm tempura avocado slices, chilled Hamachi crudo, spicy Serrano, refreshing radish, and crunchy corn nuts.
victory 44 pastaFresh toothsome pasta with shrimp meatballs, peas, tobiko, pesto
victory 44 risottoSavory cauliflower risotto, pickled mushrooms, almonds, chive oil
victory 44 chickenA take on chicken croque moiseur with roasted tomato, cippolini onion, Americanized Swiss cheese, sous vide compressed chicken, bacon
victory 44 scallopsThe scallop dish with sugar snap peas, tobiko, peas
victory 44 chicken liverAwesome chicken liver mousse, strawberry gelee, freeze-dried strawberries, macerated strawberries, and candied cashews.  A real star of the menu.  David gobbled this one up.
victory 44 lemon dessertLemon and cilantro dessert, profiteroles, preserved lemon, lemon curd 
victory 44 dessertThe chocolate dessert was quite impressive and large!  It came in a white chocolate shell that broke when tapped with a spoon due to the liquid nitrogen- caramel corn, grape sorbet, brittle, whipped cream, and peanut butter cake

Victory 44
2203 N 44th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55412
(612) 588-2228
Mon-Sat 7am-10pm
Sun 8am-8pm


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