Mandarin Kitchen Dim Sum (Bloomington, MN)

Sunday Dim Sum- nothing better!  David and I committed and made the drive south to Bloomington, MN to Mandarin Kitchen. I’ve been hearing nothing but good things about this restaurant so we had to try it out.

When we arrived, about 10:45am, people were already leaving the restaurant full and happy.  We shoved our way to the counter and added our name to the wait list and luckily only had to wait about 15 minutes for a table for 2.

You could look at their pig and duck offerings while you waited. And if you need more things to keep you occupied, we planned out our entire meal by looking at what other people were ordering. We also browsed their huge printed menu- which is unbelievably large. They have typical Chinese American dishes like sweet and sour chicken and very traditional dishes like sauteed pig stomach with bitter melon.

We were immediately greeted with ice water and hot tea.  After that, we sat and waited for the carts to rumble by.  It took a little while so when the carts come around, make sure to order all the hot food you want- the carts have to travel throughout the entire restaurant (they have hidden back rooms) so it sometimes takes a while.  They have small, medium, large, and special plates.  People come by with carts or trays, you pick out what you’d like and then they mark your paper bill accordingly.  Above are Clams in Black Bean Sauce.  Definitely delicious and something you need to try if you like clams!

Above are the Cilantro Dumplings and Spicy Peanut Dumplings.  We adored the cilantro dumplings and David commented that the cilantro they used was fresh.

Above are the Scallop and Shrimp Dumplings.  Although these dumplings are more shrimp than scallop, they were a definite must order.  The little slice of scallop on top with salty roe made these dumplings special.

David had to order his Fried Chicken Feet.  I’m not the biggest fan of chicken feet but he said they’re the best ones he’s had in town!

We got some BBQ Pork Ribs on the bone,Shrimp and Pork shumai, Shrimp Dumplings; Seaweed salad, and an order of the Shrimp rolls.  The BBQ pork ribs were set atop fried tofu.  The crackly exterior was Chinese five spiced.  The shrimp and pork shumai were meaty and filling.  They wrap a raw shrimp and place it in the dumpling so the tail sticks up when it’s cooked.  My favorite of the meal was the shrimp dumpling dish (left by the tea).  They were so sweet and simple and the dumpling skin had a great consistency!

Above is the Egg Custard dessert with cinnamon on top.  These little guys are a favorite of mine.  At Mandarin Kitchen, the egg custards are very light and not as eggy as custards I’ve had before.


We were definitely full when we left, 9 dishes later- and all in all (including 15% tip) it was $52.80 for 2 people.  A little pricy for dim sum but we think it’s worth the money and would absolutely come back!  Although we didn’t order everything going around, other items were: jelly fish with sour vegetables, fried crab claws, egg rolls, spring rolls, chinese broccoli with oyster sauce, fried taro, rice cakes, steamed pork buns, congees, squid, salt and pepper fried whole shrimp, tofu skin, etc.  So many more dishes to try!

Best Bets: Scallop dumplings, shrimp dumplings, shrimp roll, cilantro dumplings

Cuisine: Chinese
Bar: No
Vegetarian / Vegan / Gluten-Free: Yes / No/ No
Entree Range: $3-8
Waiter Service: Yes
Outdoor Seating: No
Credit Cards: Yes (no AMEX)
Parking: Private lot
Good for Groups: Yes

Mandarin Kitchen Chinese Restaurant
8766 Lyndale Ave S. Bloomington, MN 55420 (Lyndale Plaza)
Mon-Thur 11am-midnight
Fri 11am-1am
Sat 10am-1am
Sun 10am-midnight


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