Sea Change (Minneapolis, MN) Winter 2013 Restaurant Week

Posted on February 27, 2013


Twin Cities Winter 2013 Restaurant Week is currently going on!   Participating restaurants will serve two course lunches for $10-$20 and three-course dinners for $15-$30 (beverage, tax and gratuity not included).  Mpls.St.Paul Magazine’s Restaurant Week was started in 2007 in an effort to connect Twin Cities food enthusiasts with the best in Twin Cities dining.  Over 300,000 people have indulged in the best of the Twin Cities local dining scene, for lunch and/or dinner, during Mpls.St.Paul Magazine’s Restaurant Week history.  If you want to add to this number, head to a restaurant Feb 24-March 1st, 2013.

sea change bread

Seven of us went to Sea Change where dinner after 7pm was $30.  They gave us unlimited french bread with room temperature butter (above with Stephanie).  Thanks for modeling it Steph.

Appetizer (Choose one):
Arugula, ricotta salata, red onion, grapefruit, black pepper.  Jon ordered the salad and was very pleased.

sea change arugula salad

The other appetizer option was the Raw Char with beets, walnut, yogurt, green apple.  The other six people in my party ordered the char.  Beet chips crowned yogurt dollops, a ribboned apple lay on the char, a quenelle of tart apple sorbet complimented the dish, and diced apple mingled with diced char.

sea change char

Entrée (Choose one):
Chicken Breast (Roasted cauliflower, cheddar cheese) Our server explained that it was much more than a chicken breast- chicken thigh was also included in a small roulade, cauliflower broth was poured tableside, and the cheddar cheese was actually a terrific aged award-winning cheddar. Although the description sounded tantalizing, we all ordered the scallop.
Scallop (Marcona almonds, fennel, cucumber) Three U-10 scallops were seared on one side and gently cooked through as to prevent overcooking them. The plate also included chopped marcona almonds, cucumber power, fennel pollen, caramelized fennel, and a savory fennel puree. The scallops were amazing. It was a great visual plate with many different flavors and textures. What I found great, two others at the table found distracting- so it depends on personal taste!

sea change scallops

Dessert (Choose one):
Chocolate Cremeux (Black currant caramel, brownie, malt) Jon ordered the chocolate and enjoyed the rich, dark flavors, but looking back, he stated he would have preferred the lime pudding.

sea change chocolate
Lime Pudding Cake (Coconut cream, pistachio financier) The lime pudding cake was to die for. There were bits of pistachio meringue, pistachio brown butter cake, lime curd, custardy pudding cake that had been cooked in a water bath, and coconut powder. Everyone thought it was fantastic.

sea change lime

We all had a great restaurant week experience at Sea Change. The service was on point and the open expo kitchen was entertaining. Not many other diners were at Sea Change on a Tuesday night, but I expect the restaurant to be more bustling on a Friday or Saturday. Now that we know the layout, we’ll be returning for happy hour!

Sea Change
806 S 2nd St Minneapolis, MN 55415
(612) 225-6499
Mon-Thu 5 pm – 10 pm
Tue-Sun 11:30 am – 2 pm
Fri-Sat 5 pm – 11 pm
Sun 5 pm – 9 pm