What career paths can Food Science provide?

Basically – Industry, Academic, Government.  Private consulting, crossover to pharmaceuticals or hygiene/personal care products, international nutrition…

Want to be the next brewmaster for Budweiser? (Never mind that the “Great American Lager” is now Belgian/Brazilian- have you been in the Anheuser-Busch tasting room?  Fancy.)  How about a product developer for Hershey?  Research Chef for Nestle?  A flavor forecaster for McCormick?  Brand manager for Doritos?  The options are endless- Food Science permeates so much of our lives without many even knowing!

Flavorist, perhaps?

Culinary Trendologist, Flavor Guru, Recipe Tester and Developer, Restaurant Publicist, Chocolate Explorer, Gourmet Food Buyer, Brewmaster…

Chocolate Taster, Inventor of Fried Foods, Beer Taster

CNN rates Food Scientists under “Nine cool jobs that pay well”


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